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Re: fedora 12, Pulseaudio and Jack

On Sun, Mar 7, 2010 at 5:47 PM, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano <nando@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Sat, 2010-03-06 at 12:03 -0800, Jeff Sandys wrote:
> In Fedora 12 with Planet CCRMA Jack Audio Connection Kit, does
> starting jack with qjackctl suspend pulseaudio?

It depends. I don't know what happens if you use the Fedora jack
package. If you have the Planet CCRMA jack package (based on jack2)
the answer is yes, starting jackd will politely ask pulseaudio to release
the card and jackd will be happy. When jackd exits the card is released
and pulseaudio grabs it again.

That's what I thought but couldn't prove it.  I have the ccrma jack, can't
find jack in fedora.  Using the PD latency test that loops back the output
to the input, it shows twice the latency as calculated in qjackctl, which
makes sense, once for D/A and again for A/D.

    > If not, how can I add pulseaudio suspend (and resume) to qjackctl?

In fc11 where the interface between jackd and pulseaudio had some
bugs I ended up writing a perl script that would do the right thing. I'm
attaching it to this email for reference.

If the Fedora jack does not interface with pulseaudio you could (as
root) "mv /usr/bin/jackd /usr/bin/jackd.bin" and then install the script
as /usr/bin/jackd (don't forget to chmod it to 775). Of course this will
"break" the rpm package of jackd so if you upgrade jackd you will
need to redo the script again.

I went straight from fedora 10 to 12 so I didn't try your perl script
required for fedora 11.
> How can I tell if pulseaudio is running, is there a terminal command
> for pulseaudio status?
> I have searched through the jackaudio.org, pulseaudio.org,
> qjackctl.sourceforge.net and other sites, and didn't find an obvious
> answer.
> http://fedorasolved.org/Members/fenris02/pulseaudio-fixes-and-workarounds
> has some info but not about jack.

You need to install pulseaudio-utils if it is not there already (BTW,
you will need that for the script as well).

 pactl stat

will tell you stuff about pulseaudio...

-- Fernando

The reason I ask is I am planning to give a talk about music
programming with Planet CCRMA at LinuxFest NorthWest,
Fernando, I would appreciate your review of my slides when then are ready,
I don't want to misrepresent CCRMA.  Thanks,

-- Jeff Sandys

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