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Re: Fedora "Jacklab" like spin

On 11/13/2009 05:19 AM, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano wrote:
Where do I find the open build servers in Fedora / RPMFusion? By open
build (with openSUSE) you can create one or more projects on
openSUSE's server and the server is used to compile the sources based
on your configuration settings.
If you mean rpm .spec files then yes it's similar.
However, you can not be any random hacker/cracker of the street ;-)

You create a .spec for the thing you want to package, and submit a review request. In time, one or more reviewers help you to knock the spec into a form where it meets the fedora / rpm fusion packaging guidelines.

At this point, they also request that you perform pre-reviews of other packager's efforts. This is to show that you understand the process and guidelines (in your case, consider some other music packages - ie similar interest). At this stage an overseeing sponsor takes a look at your package Review request and decides if you have learnt enough to be accepted as a packager.

It isn't that hard; but it is a little more difficult that extract, config, make, make install. The final result must: work on multiple architectures, be able to build from source, and fit with packaging guidelines which aim to stop packages stepping on each other's toes.

Whilst the input of the data and the
configuration of the project takes time their seems to be an advantage
in that the different architectures can be compiled in one run.
Yes, Fedora and RPM Fusion build requests do builds for multiple supported arch (i686, x86_64, ppc). There are other build servers for less commmon architectures like s390x and arm.

In the case of Fedora you have to become a contributor:

and more specifically:

I presume the process is similar on RPMFusion.
In fact, once you have become a packager for Fedora, you need to create yourself a fas account in RPM Fusion, then submit your Review Request, mentioning that you are already a Fedora packager.

Please query in your Review Request, and on an appropriate list when you need help. You might like to review both bugzilla.redhat.com and bugzilla.rpmfusion.org searching for music related packages, that you might be able to help review ...

DaveT (now I've got GUI on an F12 rc install, I might have a chance at getting audacity to build and work out what's going wrong) ;-0

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