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Re: Fedora "Jacklab" like spin

On Sat, Oct 24, 2009 at 10:34 AM, Simon Lewis wrote:
> Hello
> Please advise if a multimedia spin for Fedora 11 is available (or for Fedora
> 12 planned)?
> The standard Fedora 11 installation does not by default set the RT-PRIO for
> jackuser or pulse audio etc., etc. Neither does the standard Fedora 11
> installation automatically assign all users to the jackusers group.
> For the multimedia spin to be successful these and the other necessary
> configuration settings must be taken care of in the background.
> Alternatively an "multimedia administration tool" for easy configuration of
> the pam/usergroup settings in an RT-enviroment should be written.
> Further, the standard-Kernel and RT-Kernel with same version number should
> be available form the standard Fedora repository. This practice of having
> the same version number for all kernel types makes it very easy for graphic
> driver support etc., and means that Fedora can be booted with either kernel
> type for testing purposes.
> Regards, Simon.

Hi. Yes there was an idea but I don't think we have enough people to
generate and maintain a spin.

Moreover I am not sure where the spin should originate: Fedora,
RPMFusion or PlanetCCRMA?
The latter two has nice packages that we would like the have in the
spin, but we can't allow some (if not all) of these packages if the
spin is Fedora based.

We need ideas, manpower, time etc...


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