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Re: Re: Mixer Wowes

On 17/05/09 07:10, William M. Quarles wrote:
David Timms wrote:
I have no idea what you are talking about, and I didn't change anything
having to do with "reply-to" settings. I use Gmane to for all of my
lists, so everything I send to a Gmane newsgroup gets sent to all
mailing list members no matter what.
All I'm saying is that hitting reply to any other message sent to fedora*-lists generates a message of the kind: to: fedora*-list, and therefore all lists members will see the responses, and threaded mail readers (like thunderbird) make it easy to follow a thread.

But if I do that with the messages that you send, thunderbird only:
to: you

But looking at other fedora-music-list messages, this seems to be a problem with just the music list, and I am querying the list admin since it seems the issue might lie there. I guess that is why we are seeing some messages twice, and the message not being properly threaded, as people try to workaround the lack of inserted reply-to field.

Thanks for your feedback, William.

> I have been sending all of my replies to both the Planet CCRMA "list"
> and the Fedora Music "list"
I would suggest if you are looking for the pro audio setup, the CCRMA lists are probably the right place to be subscribed. If it's really the more basic stuff you are after, then fedora-list will surely get you more responses.


ps. Since I'm now on F11 preview/rawhide, my audio is kinda "dumbed down" to the point of difficulty - I have an inbuilt sound card (that is noisy), and a soundblaster (live) that is quiet. I no longer get easy access to the volume control for the live card, neither do I get mixer or selection points for the card at all. As many mentioned on Fedora devel list, unless you are a default, simple setup user, these new features are rather a downgrade.

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