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Re: Mixer Wowes

William M. Quarles wrote:
David Timms wrote:
I'm assuming playback is a problem as well, not just mixer control ?

Well, now that alsamixer is working, yes, I am getting sound. Do you know how to fix the GNOME mixer issues?

OK, unfortunately, the sound that I am getting from XMMS playing MP3 files is intermittently distorted, and is somehow actually coming from the decoder card instead of the sound card, then getting passed through to the sound card via the internal patch cable that I have installed. I checked this by using alsamixer to vary the volume on the sound card's CD input, and also by varying the volume on the decoder card.

Do you have the option to try without the decoder card installed, for a
giggle ?


Yeah, I can give that a shot, I'll get back to you on it. But please, give me a reply to what I have written here already before I do.


Haven't gotten around to that yet still, I'll probably try it tomorrow.

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