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Hydrogen 0.9.4-beta2

Hi, I made an SRPM with a recent hydrogen svn checkout. Hydrogen is
now ported to qt4 and has quite nice new features. Here you can find
the SRPM if you want to try it out:


I am still working on this together with the upstream. Since the
application looks quite stable and works fine, I wanted to submit this
to rawhide and F-10 testing (I'm sure, quite a lot of users will be
interested in this). I became a co-maintainer of hydrogen through
pkgdb but since the package building scheme changed a lot (to scons) I
didn't want to do this without the approval of the primary maintainer,
Anthony Green. I sent an email to him last week about this but I
didn't get a reply. Does anyone know of his whereabouts? I don't know
him very well, he doesn't come to IRC. Would he mind if I update
hydrogen in rawhide and F-10 testing?


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