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Re: Re: [Fedora Update] [old_testing] rakarrack-0.2.0-5.fc8 / fc9

Dnia 2008-11-09, o godz. 14:16:01 Fernando Lopez-Lezcano
<nando@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> napisał(a):

> Which version of jack are you using? If it is the stock 0.109.x then
> this is probably a combined problem of rakarack and jack. 0.109.x is
> notoriously unstable, something that is just now fixed (I think) in
> current jack svn. I'm using jackmp instead which is more stable. 
I'm using jack-audio-connection-kit-0.109.2-3.fc10.i386 and don't see jackmp
in Fedora without Planet CCRMA.

> I can see that rakarrack is using a _LOT_ of cpu horsepower in its
> default configuration. How high is the load on your computer when you
> turn effects on? It could be that you are running out of cpu also...
The most CPU-consuming preset effect that I could find (Clean-A-Duet, which
sounds really bad btw) can eat 17% of one CPU and all of the others can go
from 3% to 8%, which is nothing.

Is there some plan regarding the reportedly unstable jackd in Fedora?


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