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Re: Re: [Fedora Update] [old_testing] rakarrack-0.2.0-5.fc8 / fc9

On Sun, 2008-11-09 at 14:40 +0100, Leszek Matok wrote:
> Dnia 2008-11-09, o godz. 23:32:06 David Timms <dtimms@xxxxxxxxxxxx> napisał(a):
> > On the help file, I want to lengths to get the app internal paths 
> > patched to use fedora standard locations for the help files. This seems 
> > to work on F9, both help and license are correctly shown. Is that the 
> > ones you are having trouble with on your rawhide machine ?
> Yes, and the help browser says:
> Unable to follow the link "/usr/share/doc/rakarrack/html/help.html" - No such file or directory.
> The content is in /usr/share/doc/rakarrack-0.2.0/html/, so your patch isn't
> in effect on rawhide.
> > Can you normally disconnect a jack stream from a live application and 
> > not cause trouble ?
> It depends on what you call "trouble". I expect an error dialog, but not
> hanging/crash of an application. 

If disconnecting means "unplugging" it from sources/sinks in qjackctl
then no jack application should notice (not even as an error or warning
- it is _not_ an error). In my Planet CCRMA packaged version nothing
happens if I connect or disconnect ports from rakarrack. 

If disconnecting means turning off jack then most applications pop up a
dialog saying that jack is gone. Some are smarter than others and let
you reconnect, on others you have to restart the application. Again, in
the Planet CCRMA version rakarrack pops up a panel saying "try to save
your work" or something to that effect. 

> I remember routing sound via gnuitar to
> audacity and error dialogs were all I've got.
> > I did wonder whether rakarrack authors did this for a reason 
> > - like the contrasting colours being easy to see when not really seated 
> > at the computer, but in guitar playing position...
> It simply looks better on their screens :) 

Or they just like it that way :-)

> I'm on a GNOME desktop using
> Darklooks GTK+ theme, which FLTK tries to use to some extent (and fails). I've
> tried providing it with a default rakarrack.prefs.db, but it won't fix my
> problem completely, as they apparently use some background colour from theme
> for foreground text. They are apparently developing this app on a
> black-on-white desktop and want it to be in reverse. Not a greatest desktop
> integration I say :)

I think the color scheme is something to be fixed upstream, right?

> > Do you have much experience with jack and/or apps using jack ?
> > The reason I ask, is a setting up jack document suggested the use of say 
> > qjackctl to start and connect the jack streams is generally required 
> Other JACK-aware apps try to implement their own GUIs which are more
> user-friendly and make qjackctl redundant in simple two-app setups. rakarrack
> is no different, only it implements the GUI only for sinks for its output :)
> So rakarrack connects to system output by default. I'd rather expect it to
> connect to input and wait for me to tell it where to output, but maybe it's
> just me :)

My personal take on this is that jack applications should not connect by
themselves to anything unless you tell them to do so. It might be
obvious where to connect to/from in a simple stereo in stereo out
situation, but jack is used many times for multichannel applications. In
those cases the first two output channels and first two input channels
might not go anywhere, or may go to places where you don't want apps
sending stuff by default. 

-- Fernando

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