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Re: Re: [Fedora Update] [old_testing] rakarrack-0.2.0-5.fc8 / fc9

Dnia 2008-11-09, o godz. 11:02:10 Leszek Matok <Lam@xxxxxx> napisał(a):

> I can't hear anything.
OK, I take that back. After investigation with jackd -v, it turned out
rakarrack.in_1 doesn't automatically connect to system.capture_1. Fixing that
with qjackctl makes everything work. (And disconnecting it again makes
Rakarrack die in pain).

After spending another minute on brute-forcing sane colour scheme, I can now
say Rakarrack is really neat and works great after you tame it :) You really
need to make it behave well by default, though. Without it, I see no point in
introducing this to "normal" users.


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