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Subject: Can I get a mentor
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 07:16:06 +0100
From: Henning Kvello-Aune <rhka@xxxxxxxxx>
To: deisenst@xxxxxxx

I am many years old, and think I can do a lot to make fedora useable for
people who are using Microsoft software, but who are not able to use
My problem is that I need help when I am stuck, using hours, days...
years to find out of things.

My skills: system consultan for IBM S/3X and AS400. Programming in over
30 different languages. Made menus in DOS(the latest with 3800 serious
program conflicts before they went to Windows 3), with help texts on
every page. I have now started from scratch with dummies and LPI-study;
just to pick up things that I might have missed on my travel in the
Linux world. (and I had missed a lot).

Are you able to help me when I am stucked.
I will try with all my hart to not disturb with idiotic, timewaste,
questions. And I am a resourse you can use, yust give me something to
do; eg. translating to start with.

Big hope for expert help:
Henning Kvello-Aune

Fedora 5
Fedpra 6
Windows XP SP2
Gparted livecd on HD

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