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Re: Improve Fedora Project

1. Control panel. This sounds interesting. Perhaps you could contact
the owners of the various 'system-config' tools and see if they might
work on something? See also, this feature which wasn't ready for f18:

Mandriva/ROSA/Mageia have a nice control panel. Even Opensuse has one. We should implement this.

2. Tool to disable selinux

I think the selinux troubleshoot tools are pretty good. Does the 'allow
this' setting in there not work for these cases?
I agree. Disabling SElinux is usually not needed.

3. Multilingual support in Fedora

This has been driven by two things: space on media is very limited. If
we added languages it would grow to large to easily distribute. :( If
we dropped cd's and looked at 1gb as a target perhaps these would have
We can have 2 images or maybe 2 cds. I doubt people use languages other than english.
5. Gparted on LiveCD

I think it would be good to include all those tools on the live media.
I'll mention it to the spins group...
Very important.
8. GNOME Shell on Fedora

including gnome-tweak-tool has been suggested to the desktop folks
several times, but they do not wish it to be included. You can try
asking again on the desktop list. They feel the 'out of box' setup is
right, and they don't want to encourage people to 'tweak' it.

If you wish something besides gnome to be the default offering, feel
free to bring it up on the board list. LXDE and Xfce are great, but
they have a LOT less manpower than KDE or Gnome.
Lxde can be made to look great. I am currently typing this from rosa lxde and it looks awesome. I have never tried mint lxde but i think it also looks good. I think we should focus on a light de like lxde or xfce in addition to a heavy de like gnome.

I also think we should have a portal where people can request new programmes to be packaged for fedora.

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