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Fedora Marketing SIG

Hi, my name is Benjamin Gordy and I live in Austin, TX. My Fedora Account System (FAS) username is bengordy, and my IRC nick is bengordy.

I learned about the Fedora Marketing team through Fedora Ambassador MarkDude, and am interested in joining because I like to promote Linux in the community and Fedora is excellent.

This is the first FOSS project I have worked on! (I’m currently improving my Python skills, but somehow drawing circles, creating lines, and general pygame tinkering doesn’t seem like a distributable product, just yet.)

 This is the first Marketing project I have worked on!

 My skills, which I hope to utilize in Fedora Marketing, include:

    (Marketing Skills) – Good communication skills

    (Other Skills) -  Mentoring SysAdmins

    I'd also like to learn more about what I can do to help Fedora Marketing.

 When I'm not working on Fedora, I am a Systems Engineer for Dell. 

 A couple of goals I have for the Fedora Project are spreading the news and promoting Fedora in the local community.

 I am wondering about Fedora Cloud marketing strategy. 

I was looking for Amazon AMI's and the latest revision I see is like Fedora 14.

Please help me get started!


marketing mailing list

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