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More Video Tutorials

As I was discussing with few of the community members on  IRC about one of the thing which I want to be implemented .
What I was saying is that ,what we want is more and more number of people to use Fedora .Even if they are not a regular user of Linux but if they want to try then they should get attracted to use Fedora.
And this will be only possible if they find easy to setup their system and the utilities which they use.
Now probably there are many tutorials available right now , but most of them are in text format and very few in Videos.What happens according to me is ,if a user is new to Linux and trying  to setup something but getting problems then he can understand the solution of that more well from video tutorials rather that from text .It is also true that we can together put some number of videos but what we want is majority Linux users who often put videos on youtube and other places should start putting videos for fedora.
I will love to do this job of making video tutorials but will be needing some help.As there are many fields of which videos can be made and it won't be possible for me to cover all those fields individually.
So what I was thinking if anyone interested ,he can pick up something on which he can make tutorial and send me or upload it himself or if someone interested he can help me in the topics which i will try to cover.I myself will try to cover as much as possible .

Please do share your views about the same whether you agree or not.
There are few other things which I want to discuss but that I will do later .
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