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I just joined the list and wanted to say 'hello' so... hello!

I'm looking forward to learning more about Fedora projects. In a previous life, I started the UbuCon community events, which may or may not still be active at the moment. I've been involved in open source-y things since 1998, when I started with Red Hat 5.0. Soon after, I joined VA Linux, rode the IPO gravy train, and then crashed and burned like most people out here on the left coast. 

I've been doing quite a few community things since - the UbuCon, LinuxWorld Conference, speaking at OSCON, SCALE, and a few cloud events, and co-founding the Open Cloud Initiative. Back in the day, I was on the marketing SIG for Linux International. So, I hope I can be of use here and looking forward to hearing from the rest of you.

GlusterFS Community Guy
marketing mailing list

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