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Re: Ask Fedora : Marketing strategy

On 10/04/2011 12:29 PM, Jesús Franco wrote:

> This said, i'd like a lot to read/write in a Spanish biased deployment.
> Do you think is better taking it outside *.fedoraproject.org domain, to
> regional project, i.e. proyectofedora.org (Latam)?

Askbot, the software behind Ask Fedora does support I18N directly so we
can handle it all in a single instance in ask.fp.o.  I have also
confirmed with Red Hat legal that any kind of question and answer is ok
and since it is user generated content, can be treated like users
mailing list.  So that isn't a problem either.  Askbot itself is fully
localized in many languages and they even switched over to using
Transifex recently based on my recommendation.

The reason why I haven't enabled it is because currently all languages
have a single view (ie) if I ask a question in English and ask another
in Spanish, it will be in a single page.  That is messy and confusing.
What we need is support for subforums or split views and perhaps per
language administrators etc.  I have requested this upstream and they
have committed to working on it but I have other higher priority bug
fixes and feature requests (ie) things that would affect everyone
regardless of the language.

If you have a compelling reason to run your own instance, Askbot and
dependencies are available in Fedora 15+ and EPEL 6 and I have
documentation on setting it up as a README within the package and at


We have done the packaging carefully with input from upstream and Fedora
infrastructure team members so that it is easy to get started and run
multiple instances from a single package. My recommendation however is
to wait it out a bit and I will look into getting different language
communities within the single forum instance. That would reduce the
administrative burden and has the value of not splintering the community
of people who are interested in troubleshooting issues, sharing
knowledge and helping users. Hope that answers you.


marketing mailing list

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