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[In the news] How to painlessly switch from Ubuntu to Fedora



"Fedora now enjoys a bleeding edge implementation of the GNOME Shell,
which, on top of all the great changes coming with Fedora 15, sets the
stage for a very successful release. After testing Ubuntu 11.04 and
Fedora 15 intensively in the last few days, I have come to appreciate
the latter more and more. While Ubuntu developers have done an
incredible job getting Unity (somewhat) ready in just a few months, it
still feels immature. In addition, probably as a result of all that
frantic development for Unity, Natty Narwhal is one of the less stable
Ubuntu releases I remember. Fedora 15, on the other hand, is
surprisingly stable for a Beta release.y choice (at least until Unity
grows mature enough) is pretty by clear now after getting to grips with
Fedora in the past few weeks. It's a no brainer, really, as I now enjoy
the best possible GNOME Shell implementation... and can't say I miss a
thing from Ubuntu!"

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