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[In the news] A look at GNOME Shell



"In my opinion, Fedora 15 /LoveLock/ is probably the most exciting
release to come out of the Fedora camp in years. While some of the
previous releases excelled in certain aspects (such as features aimed at
developers), they fell short in other areas as or more important, such
as providing a polished end user experience. Things are not silk smooth
yet, but I have definitely seen an improvement, plus there is a host of
exciting new features coming as part of this release."

"All in all, after using GNOME Shell almost exclusively for several
days, I have to say I consider it a big success. It is certainly not
perfect, there are plenty of things that can be improved, but the
foundation is much more solid than I anticipated or even hoped for. I
can only encourage current GNOME 2.x users to keep an open mind and
embrace this new release. After all, the more support it gets, the
sooner it will improve and mature, and that's best for everyone"


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