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Re: fedora-logo and fedora-themes discussions

On 04/15/2011 08:08 PM, Aleksandra Bookwar wrote:

> Yes, this package has its problems, and i don't expect all of them to
> be solved before release date. But there is still time to improve it
> before release, and there are people who work on this improvement. All
> they need is some respect and attention from "authorities" and a
> little bit of help from Gnome developers.

Have you talked to GNOME Tweak tool maintainer to see if he finds the
idea of the tool being installed by default appealing?  The problem with
pushing such things into the default package set is not merely the
fragility or bugs in the tools themselves but the fact that these expose
options that haven't been tested well if at all.   Again,  do take a
look at bugzilla to see what I am talking about.   We are well past the
beta release point to be advocating for these sort of changes.  I remain
opposed to pretty much any change other than bug fixes at this point. 

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