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Re: Fedora Depot/Mart? (Re: Why is there no Fedora Project Store?)

Am Freitag, den 01.04.2011, 23:28 +0800 schrieb Jason Benedict Low:
> +1
> Will be good just to see to see the name "add and remove" programe
> being rename to something like "Fedora App" or "App Market".

I strongly disagree.
      * For those who don't know what an appstore or a market is,
        "Add/Remove Software" is way more descriptive.
      * Those who do know will expect they can buy something (most
        likely proprietary stuff) there.

> And will have a default icon placed in the Gome desktop on fresh
> installed. Just like the "home" icon.

There are no icons any longer on a freshly installed GNOME desktop.


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