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Linux Magazine.

Would like to make this known. My Organization is reaching it's target of
spreading open source on-line on our magazine website & we've chosen
Fedora as our default O.S. All contents, articles or white paper stays
open for all to read and view. We would love to make this known to Fedora
community members before launch. Unlike other Magazine website e.i
Linux-mag, Fedora would be our base & major linux O.S. The Hard copy would
be available based on an annual subscription fee to readers in
Nigeria/Africa to start with & then the world. This initiative is not just
to market Fedora, but to have it spread throughout the region with ease.
We already distribute fedora to schools(free to students) & organisations
(providing technical support) in Nigeria. We are Official Fedora Vendors -
Bensoft Enterprise http://www.bensoftent.com & Red Hat ISV Partners. Also
collaborating with a sister company Gtown Media from Ghana to archive
this. Please Members of Fedora community are free to play roles & even
provide guidelines to our movement. We belive in collaboration & team

marketing mailing list

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