Arx Libertalis

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I see Arx Libertalis made a stable release (1.0).  Given the
availability of the demo, I think packaging this is within (though as
usual for this kind of thing, on the edge) of what's acceptable for

Anyone interested in working on this?  One "problem" is that upstream
provides Fedora packages, built on the opensuse build system.  That in
itself is fine, but the packaging split is a bit weird to me, with a
metapackage and some other stuff.  Of course those packages don't
support autodownloader and don't include some upsteam-provided scripts
to operate on the actual game data, so there is some possibility for
added value.  You can see the upstream packages at

I believe all dependencies are already in place, except for one thing
(innoextract) required to unpack the GOG release of the commercial game
in the case that someone doesn't want to install wine to run the
installer.  Everything needed for the code to build and run is already
in Fedora.

 - J<
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