0 A.D. another game to consider packaging

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For anyone looking for something to do, 0 A.D. seems to be something worth

It is similar to Age of Empires (which also makes it a bit like Empire
Earth, but it is a lot closer to Age of Empires).

It is still alpha, but getting it into Fedora might get them some more
testing and possibly contributors.

With one very small fix to get it to build with gcc 4.7 (which I reported
to upstream 0 A.D., though it's really an nvtt issue), I was able to
build it.

The game includes a few bundled libraries we don't have in Fedora
(at least nvtt and spidermonkey) and uses a more recent version of
enet than we have. Some of these may only be needed to develop for the
game and not to actually play it. I haven't looked to carefully at this.

I'll probably do some chipping away at some of the prerequisites, but
have other games to work on, so it won't happen very quickly.
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