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Bruno Wolff III wrote:
On Thu, Apr 09, 2009 at 09:44:05 -0500,
  Jon Ciesla <limb@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Bruno Wolff III wrote:
Bloody addictive, actually. I find it a good time-waster, like Tetris or Frozen Bubble. Which is why I packaged it in the first place. :)

I thought of Tetris while trying it out. I only did one play without reading
the instructions. I did't figure out the scoring, but did realize that I needed
to take out the tall stacks first. But I wasn't very good at it and had lost
some time figuring it out and so I didn't get very far down the screen.
I've been playing it for years, and am horrible at it. I think I've got to the bottom twice. :)

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-d. bowie

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