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Bruno Wolff III wrote:
On Thu, Feb 05, 2009 at 22:48:30 +0530,
  Rahul Sundaram <sundaram@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Bruno Wolff III wrote:
An i686 Games Spin was produced as part of the alpha release. (x86_64
ended up being too large.) You can help test this by getting a torrent from:

Please copy bruno@xxxxxxxx on any bugs you file.
Add information to the release notes. Also note that spins should have a bug component already and it would be useful to file bug reports against that which the spin maintainers should be getting by default.

I never did any setup so that I would get any bug reports as a spin
maintainer. Is there some documentation on how I do that?

Supposed to be automatically taken care of. I see a Xfce Live CD component that I get bug reports.


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