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Bruno Wolff III wrote:
> Below is the top 100 packages based on rpm size. The number is the size
> in 1024 byte blocks. PersonalCopy-Lite-patches was a dependency of a lot
> of stuff including some games.
> If the restriction holds for the beta I'll look more carefully at what
> gets added using the desktop ks as a base over the base ks. That would
> give me a better idea of what was removable. But I might still end up
> pulling one of the larger games.

>  27852 maniadrive-music-1.0-2.fc8.noarch.rpm
>  21864 raidem-music-1.0-2.fc8.noarch.rpm
>  20212 trackballs-music-1.2-4.fc8.noarch.rpm
>  10532 asc-music-1.0-2.fc8.noarch.rpm

I would suggest cutting the *-music packages first.  That cleans up
~80GB with no real loss in playability.


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