Re: Games Spin Update - Looking good for alpha release

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On Fri, Jan 09, 2009 at 11:58:57 +0530,
  Rahul Sundaram <sundaram@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Bruno Wolff III wrote:
> [Congrats on moving this, quite a bit forward]
>> There are a couple of other things that produce error messages during the
>> livecd-creator run, but I don't think any of them actually result in a
>> broken spin.
> Doing a compose, you will often run into bugs in post-install scripts  
> with rpm packages. It would be good if you can report and keep track of  
> them somewhere. Some of them, break subtly which is even worse than just  
> failing.

I have been. I filed a file bugzilla's on all but one that was just a warning
message relating to gnu info I think. Most have been fixed. There is still
one for nethack and another for the plymouth solaris plugin. The remaining
bugs (including a couple that are fixed, but I haven't personally verified
yet) are all linked to from the games spin feature page in the current status
section. I removed links for the bugs that were fixed and verified by me.

The nethack one is updating the icon cache before gtk2 has been installed.
I don't think that is likely.

I forget exactly what I thought was happening with the solaris plugin, but
it also didn't seem likely to be causing a real problem.

Though getting rid of the error messages would be nice. I was concerned when
I first saw them and I expect other people will be as well.

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