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I have finshed changing the partition layout on my home machine, so that will
be less of a distraction. I have both F10 and F11 instances available for

I didn't get as far as I would have liked with the livecd-creator patches.
I have a pretty good idea how I want to implement things and I just need
to figure out a little bit of python in order to be able to fully test
my approach (only on the i686 arch). This will probably be done in the
next day or two. If it works, I'll ask to get the changes committed in rawhide.

The squashfs image size is now going just over 4 GiB on both F10 and F11.
So either we need to make some cuts or the livecd-creator changes need to
be accepted and the Spins group OK using UDF for a DVD Spin that will still
fit on a DVD.

I am still seeing install errors for 3 games. 1 is fixed in current rawhide
and will be removed from the list tonight. One is a post install error
that probably isn't a problem other than the error message itself. The last
is a preinstall script failure and my actually cause a problem.

I am also still seeing an install error for the solar plugin.

A new game "spring" is being reviewed. If this is a good game to add to
the spin, someone should advocate for it once it is available in rawhide.

There were some font dependency issues in rawhide for about a week, but I am
pretty sure this has been fixed for all of the games in the spin now.

I don't believe the feature wrangler has had a chance to deal with the games
feature request yet. There is a dependency on the Spins SIG having a policy
in place to use for F11. So I don't expect the Games Spin Feature to come
up for approval at the next FESCO meeting (the 7th). I saw some hints that
there may be some progress with the policy at Fudcon, so maybe it will get
done in the next couple of weeks.

I think there is still a reasonable chance to get the livecd-creator changes
ready in time to allow for a games spin to be built for the alpha release
without cutting anything out. But it is getting very close, as changing
it right before the alpha release wouldn't be a good idea.

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