Anyone interested in packaging Apricot??

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Hi all,

As some of you probably already know a few blender artists and crystalspace developers have been working fulltime on this new completely FREE (both art and code) game called Apricot:

They are now almost done and are looking for people to package it up for various distro's. I've offered todo that, but I'm currently suffering from a serious -ENOTIME situation, so I was hoping there are other people here who are willing to pick this up. If you do you can mail me for help any time!

Apricot uses crystalspace and needs a special svn snapshot, you do not need to worry about parallel installability with the regular crystalspace, as that has no users in Fedora so you can just upgrade the current crystalspace package to the "blessed" svn snapshot:

Apricot also uses CEL, same story:

For apricot itself just use the latest svn.

Thanks & Regards,


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