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Peter Lemenkov wrote:
10 Aug 2008 06:44:25 -0500, Jason L Tibbitts III <tibbs@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
"PL" == Peter Lemenkov <lemenkov@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
 PL>      (1/28/99) Due to a little prodding from Sunsite, I've decided
 PL> on the ARTISTIC LICENSE (see the LICENSE file) for Conquest.

 Version 1 of the Artistic license is not permitted in Fedora.  Which
 version is this under?

Licensing terms for Conquest:

For me it looks like Artistic License v.1

As noted in the OSI link above, artistic 1.0 has legal issues and is a deprecated license. It is not permitted for new packages for quite sometime now though packages that were earlier included still are there while some folks were trying to get them relicensed after discussions with the various upstream projects. Fedora 10 will have no more artistic 1.0 licensed packages anymore.

If possible, point upstream to this page and see if they are interested to move to artistic 2.0 or one of the many other permitted licenses.


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