Re: Looking for someone to pull / manage Games Spin for F-10

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Jeroen van Meeuwen wrote:
> Wart wrote:
>> I started working on getting the Games spin working for Rawhide, but
>> kept running into out of space errors.  I think the contents of the spin
>> may be a bit too large at the moment.  The -desktop spin built ok.
>> FWIW, livecd-creator failed to even parse the .ks files on RHEL5.2.
>> I'll file a bz ticket on that one.
> I hope you are able to test the .ks on F9's / rawhide's livecd-tools as
> well, because I don't think the good old livecd-tools that is in EPEL-5
> takes the "part / xxxx" kickstart configuration directive into account
> when creating the filesystem to install the packages to, and only F9's /
> rawhide's livecd-tools have the necessary patches to make the "part /
> xxxx" configuration directive overrideable.

I was finally able to use livecd-tools to build the image on F-9[1], but
only after commenting out the "traditional (big)" games to get around
the out of space issues.  We need to make a pass through the list of
games in the .ks file and prune out a few to get the size down to a more
manageable level:

[1] I'd prefer to do this on RHEL5.2, since it would allow me to use my
nice fat pipe at work[2], as opposed to the pathetic DSL at home.
[2] least until I get a F-9 box running at work.  For some reason,
xen networking keeps puking when I try to set up a F-9 xen slave.

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