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Hi Alexey,

Alexey Torkhov wrote:

I was asking Wart to update java wfut package to new native libwfut:
But he is not reachable or too busy to look at it now.

The only package that has dependency on wfut is sear (WorldForge client). It hadn't updated for some time, but CVS versions of it are using libwfut.

Could somebody take a look on it and say what is needed to get this package updated?

Sorry I've been a bit mute lately. Staffing changes at work have decreased the amount of time I've been able to devote to Fedora lately.

The current wfut package provides a single binary executable that is used by sear. If I recall correctly, the new upstream wfut package provides a shared library that is linked into applications like ember and the CVS version of sear. These two packages should be able to be installed at the same time with no conflicts. Since the new wfut is a completely new codebase, I would propose that we create a new 'libwfut' package, which will be used by ember. sear can continue to use the existing wfut package until upstream makes a new release, at which time it will change to use libwfut and we can obsolete the wfut package.


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