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I am personally disappointed that we would avoid upgrading wesnoth in
order to maintain saved game compatibility.  I believe that maintaining
the ability to play on the network is more important.

This also brings up a few new problems:

1) What about security maintenance?  A security hole could be found in
1.2.8 either client or server.  Will upstream continue to maintain that
version?  If so, for how long?

2) It was suggested in the bodhi ticket that users of older
distributions should use a manual 3rd party repository in order to
obtain a newer save-game incompatible version of wesnoth.  This method
seems undesirable to me for a number of additional reasons (guaranteeing
that users of this repo actually get updates, security considerations).

3) Keeping Fedora versions on older wesnoth releases might be less of a
problem due to the only ~13 month lifecycle.  But what about wesnoth in
EPEL?  Big can of worms.

4) Downloadable content (maps, campaigns, etc.) for the older version
became abandoned and more scarce as 1.4.x supplanted 1.2.x.  New wesnoth
users in the coming months will be increasingly frustrated that content
they see on the websites/forums do not match what is available/usable in
Fedora.  This increases the perception that Fedora is not properly
maintaining wesnoth, and perhaps you want to use another distro instead.

There are a number of difficult drawbacks and hoops we have to jump
through if we refuse to upgrade wesnoth to the latest stable as a matter
of policy.  Is this refusal worth these many drawbacks?

Perhaps we should upgrade wesnoth to the latest stable, and provide the
current older version *somewhere else* unsupported in case people want
to play their older save games.  The release notes of the update and
elsewhere ( and fedora wiki) can mention how to downgrade and
avoid yum upgrades.

I realize this is a balancing act, but the reasons against upgrading are
in the minority compared to the benefits both short and long-term.

Warren Togami

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