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Re: should clamav-data package supersede clamav-db ?

>>>>> "MS" == Marc Schwartz <marc_schwartz@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

MS> While there were some changes that needed to be made in configs,
MS> etc, it wasn't tragic.

It's pretty damn tragic if your running installation happens to break
because the maintainer happens to push an update on the weekend you're
out of town.  You simply cannot require manual intervention for a
simple update.  F7 can get the new version.

Really, Enrico's doing the proper thing here.  The only complaint I'd
make at the moment is that he's left in the "Your installation is
OUTDATED" message that I get in my logs every day.  But unless there
are unpatched security issues in the stable release, I just don't see
what the fuss is about.

 - J<

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