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Re: should clamav-data package supersede clamav-db ?

On Wed, 11 Apr 2007, David Timms wrote:
Jima wrote :
On Tue, 10 Apr 2007, David Timms wrote:
Perhaps changing the clamav-data package to obsolete clamav-db would be the nicest way to solve this. And if forge/fresh continue to package, it might be worth suggesting they do similar for their package ?
  -1, Flamebait ;-)
Jima: Can you estimate 'when' it's been discussed before ?

This specific issue? I'm not sure it has. I was referring more to the act of starting a thread that pits Fedora against outside repository maintainers.

2) To consider using the clamav-db name instead of clamav-data
Which name fits the guidelines ?  {-data is currently in extras}

Guidelines? Third-party repositories don't have to follow any guidelines besides their own (which is both good and bad).

Then also poke the Extras clamav maintainer to have the proper
"Obsoletes: clamav-db <= last-known-V-R" added to the clamav-data
This will achieve what I though we would want in fedora;, but would also be susceptible to rpmforge releasing a later V or R, and causing a change to the rpmforge packages, wouldn't it ?

 This is the turf war angle I mentioned earlier.

I read several complaints on fedora-list about the way clamav is packaged in Extras, I think that's why a lot of people use the RPMs from other repos...
I don't have time at the moment to scan the archives. Can you remember if these seemed like fixable issues while still fitting the fedora packaging guidelines ?

It seems to me that issues with how a package is designed should be brought up via Requests For Enhancement in Bugzilla, not as complaints on a mailing list. I think RFEs have a better chance of being addressed.


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