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Re: FESCo Meeting Summary for 2007-02-22

[Resent, initial attempt to send to the accounts list seems to have failed]

On Mon, 2007-02-26 at 16:53 -0500, Brian Pepple wrote:
> Members Present
> * Brian Pepple (bpepple)
> * Jason Tibbitts (tibbs)
> * Christian Iseli (ch4chris)
> * Tom Callaway (spot)
> * Warren Togami (warren)
> * Rex Dieter (rdieter)
> * Toshio Kuratomi (abadger1999)
> * Kevin Fenzi (nirik)
> * Dennis Gilmore (dgilmore)
> * Bill Nottingham (notting)
> * Jesse Keating (f13)
> * Jeremy Katz (jeremy)

> Sponsor Nominations
> *  Parag Ashok Nemade, Andrew Overholt, Thomas Fitzsimmons, and Chitlesh
> Goorahwas were nominated and accepted as new sponsors.
How comes varekova has been made sponsor?

I received a mail dated today with her application for for extras
access, now, she out of a sudden seems to have been made sponsor.


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