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Re: Packaging LabPlot

Chitlesh GOORAH napisał(a):
> On 12/30/06, Julian Sikorski wrote:
>> Good to know. I have wrapped up a libundo package as well and I will be
>> working on CDF one. Then the only ones left will be those that are
>> shipped with the program.
> I'll let you fire a request for review bug for LabPlot, and start
> packaging it for real in FE :)
> Chitlesh
netcdf problem solved, it is now possible to use system-wide libs. After
looking a bit deeper into these libs I'm rather unwilling to package
them separately so that other programs could use them as well... None of
them uses some sane conf-and-build system and writing specs is a bit
painful ;) I think that you should open the bug report with your spec
(It is far more complete than mine) and after I finish fighting with cdf
I'd open a blocker bug

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