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Re: REMINDER: Fedora Education Meeting

Greg DeKoenigsberg wrote:
On Fri, 18 Apr 2008, sebastian@xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi everybody,

I have added some information to the wiki concerning the meeting (http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/Education/Agenda).

If there are no contradictions, I would like to announce a meeting today, April 18 at 1800 UTC on #fedora-meeting!

This would happen in about 5 and a half hours right now.

By the way: Here are some further information related to a possible education spin and educational applications in Fedora:


Thanks for trying to get a meeting together.

This week is bad for me since I'm at FISL, but could we set up a meeting for next week, maybe?


Hi Greg,

thanks for your reply - maybe the whole thing is somehow short-dated and we should try to find a (better) fitting date.

So, if we could get some more feedback from the others on the date & time, we might be able to find a date, on which almost all the interested people would be able come together.

Let me ask directly: Who would like and would be able to participate in an education meeting NEXT week (same time, same place)?

This would then be: Friday, April 25 at 1800 UTC on #fedora-meeting


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