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Re: Thanks for answering the roll call. And now, a question.

On Wed, 18 Apr 2007, Tom Hoffman wrote:

I just wonder if we couldn't get Sugar onto our existing systems
before we try to convince our state governments to buy a million
laptops (and Quanta to sell us a million laptops?)?  It seems like an
easier bar to cross.


I think that Sugar has a-ways to go before it can be considered a panacaea. If you guys think it's legitimately something that educators in the US will go for as a Desktop OS for the classroom, we could certainly think about repackaging it for broader use.

The nice thing about the OLPC, of course, is that the hardware profile is 100% known -- which allows the developers to optimize Sugar for the OLPC. That said, it certainly runs on other platforms -- my laptop running FC6, for instance.


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