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Re: Mailing List for K-12 Open Source Questions

> I can see our role at this point as being mediators and information
> gatherers.  

I think that David is right here.  The not so tech savvy users are not usually
technical enough to track down the right people to get software developed,
tweaked, or to even find and compare for appropriate replacements.  I think
having a group of tech savvy users watching over the list for guidance and to
help gather information and to make requests for development on their behalf
would be crucial to making the most of it.  It may also be a good idea to
develop a wiki for gathering of popular information presented/asked on the
list and continually drive users to the wiki to search for information.  

This could be a fairly daunting task and the mediators would need to be
individuals like David who understand both the tech and teacher side in order
to best help the subscribers.

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