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Re: Development Focus

Sorry so slow, but I've been away for a couple days....had to take in the
Sox-Yankees home opener at Fenway  :-)

Along the lines of what Jim said below....I have some ideas.

I can see essentially 3 or 4 (or 5) installation options for folks
depending on their network setup....

#1  Standard install for single server using terminal server on a private
LAN connect via another ethernet card to the public LAN or Internet. 
(this is the default now)

#2  Single NIC install where the K12LTSP server sits on the same LAN as
everything else and provides DHCP to the same LAN

#3  Single NIC install with K12LTSP server on same LAN, but recieves DHCP
from another server and does not provide DHCP to it's own terminals
(essentially Next server option in dhcpd.conf).....by this same idea would
be the option to set up a server (DHCP server) to be the one providing the
DHCP to the other servers on the LAN (in other words...this server would
include the "next server" option)

#4  DHCP load balancing/failover install.....(this is what I use)....can
only be used with two servers....both servers are Single NIC installs on
same LAN providing DHCP, but using somewhat little known options in
dhcpd.conf you can have both servers hand out addresses and share the same
lease table....using hashing they hand out addresses in a "first me, then
you" basis, thus providing "poor man's" load balancing (and failover) by
spreading the load over two servers.....and if one goes down...the other
picks up the slack.

#5  Member server install.....not sure how this would work, but
essentially the same idea as #3, but simply set up servers anywhere on the
LAN and have them answer according to load or something like that (I
haven't thought this one through yet)

Lastly.....and this would be a BIG HUGE plus.....the ability to use a
Fedora Directory Server as a Samba/LDAP server essentially replacing AD,
Windows Domain Controller, and so forth....to allow for central
authentication for all workstations and terminals.  Matt and I (Matt's the
scripting guru....I'm the documentation/idea guy) have this working with
the smbldap-installer (http://www.majen.net/smbldap/) for several
distros.....haven't tested FC5 yet.  This allows us (I use this in my
school) to provide single sign on capability and single home directory for
windows, K12LTSP, and OS X all in one server.  It is possible to replicate
and set up a BDC as well.  The unfortunate fact, it that it's mostly
CLI....not "pretty and clicky".  Just from what I've seen....FDS (Fedora
Directory Server) addresses this to some degree.  Putting the Samba piece
in place and allowing an install option for setting up a directory server
to be used with a K12LTSP and/or other school network would be a HUGE
selling point.  Schools are moving in this direction.  I've had single
sign-on with roaming profiles....etc....for a few years.  Many schools are
still using mapped drives...common folders that anyone can write to....and
even local hard drive storage ("do I have to sit at the same computer as
last time?") scenarios.  Single sign-on with central storage and
authentication is a big sell at all the conferences I present at....and at
NELS.  Samba/LDAP is helping many folks get off the Windows Server hamster
wheel.....packaging it with the "pretty-clicky" interface would really
make this thing take off!

Fedora Education Initiative <fedora-education-list@xxxxxxxxxx> on Tuesday,
May 02, 2006 at 9:39 AM +0000 wrote:
>> - Make K12LTSP into a "mode" you can enable and configure from a GUI 
>> interface after you install Fedora.
>> - Write improved tools like selection of interfaces and it tells you 
>> what it will happen.  That way you aren't surprised when a DHCP 
>> server pops up on an existing network, causing all kinds of fun 
>> conflicts. =)
>I really like this idea.  I brought up something similar about a year ago
>the K12 list, but it didn't get much response because it would have taken
>work from the Fedora developers then the LTSP developers, and was sort of
>deemed out of their control.
>But a GUI based set of "tools" to enable would be awesome.  I had even
>of having something similar to a windows server (sorry for the
>When I do a fresh install I get a setup your new server type of window
>where I
>can select a category on the left such as directory server, and then in
>pane on the right it walk me through whether this is the only server in
>network, will this be a primary controller or secondary, blah blah blah
>when I am finished I have an Active Directory Server.  I could see
>similar that had a category to setup the Fedora Directory Server, one to
>the LTSP server, etc.  I also thought it would be great to tweak the LTSP
>install and allow you to do something similar to what Active Directory
>it would be great for larger installs to be able to do primary LTSP
>and secondary LTSP servers.  A large problem I see is the the scalability
>LTSP and the ease of doing such.  One server is fine to run a lab or two.
> But
>some of the schools I want to install in need to run 600 machines.  This
>requires multiple servers, and right now that is too complicated for
>This could also be expanded on and in the setup your server screen you
>also have an application server section.  Here you could have a menu to
>on application serving to a cluster of LTSP machines or to a primary LTSP
>server.  This could also have designation for whether or not it is a
>or secondary application server.  Say I want to server Open Office to my
>LTSP machines, most likely no single server I build will handle 400
>in Open Office at once.  I may want to spread this across 3 Open Office
>Sorry for being a little verbose, but I had a lot of ideas on how this
>look.  I really think that scalability is huge to make Fedora/LTSP catch
>on in
>larger school districts.
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Vassalboro Community School

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