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Re: national OSS-ed summit & barnstorming

On 4/12/06, Jon maddog Hall <maddog@xxxxxx> wrote:
> I note, by the way, that your email list is "fedora-education-list@xxxxxxxxxx"
> This is a recipe for failure.  It is the same philosophy that killed Unix.
> It should be "FOSS-education-list", or better yet
> "FOSS-education-list@some-neutral-body". That way groups from Novell, Ubuntu,
> Debian, Slackware and others can join you.

Just for context, Red Hat/Fedora has long hosted the "K12 Open Source
Now" list, which is pretty much distro-agnostic, although certainly
K12LTSP oriented.  I just took the opportunity to vent my desires and
dreams on this new list because it seemed like there was potential for
money to be invested by Red Hat/Fedora in particular.  Also, Red Hat
is putting a lot of effort into development for the One Laptop Per
Child project -- six full-time developers, I've heard, which is also
inherently a FOSS in education initiative, so perhaps they could
squeeze out more for advocacy in the US.

I do, however, get the feeling that there is a bit of a
Fedora/Ubuntu/Debian/K12LTSP vs. Novell/Linspire schism, although it
is hard to say.


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