#5214: Setup koji tags and repo for Docs

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#5214: Setup koji tags and repo for Docs
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 To support simpler and more robust updates to docs.fp.o, need to setup
 koji to handle a new tag and repo for Docs.

 '''implementation recommendation'''

 <Sparks> What would be required to stand up a separate instance of koji
 for Docs? <dgilmore> Sparks: why would you want a seperate instance?
 <dgilmore> Sparks: i dont see any valid reason to do so <Sparks> dgilmore:
 For the Docs website. Publican has the ability publish documentation from
 packages (separate repo from the Fedora repo) for the website. We want to
 replace the git repo that operates it now. <dgilmore> Sparks: and why does
 that need a seperate koji? <Sparks> The git repo has gotten HUGE and is
 becoming an issue. <dgilmore> Sparks: so, why does that mean a seperate
 koji instance <dgilmore> Sparks: we could use a seperate tag and targets
 in koji <dgilmore> i dont see why it would need its own koji <Sparks>
 dgilmore: It's either that or try to get everyone setup as packagers.
 <dgilmore> Sparks: get everyone setup as packagers <Sparks> dgilmore:
 Except that they really won't be packagers. <dgilmore> Sparks: though you
 dont need to be a a packager to get a koji cert <dgilmore> you just need
 fas <dgilmore> Sparks: what would be the workflow? <Sparks> dgilmore:
 Okay, and with that we can send packages through koji and tag them
 separately? <Sparks> dgilmore: Basically we just tell Publican to build
 the package and submit it to koji. The Publican software does all the
 work. <dgilmore> Sparks: I still really dont know what your trying to do.
 pretend im an idiot(not really that hard) and explain what it is and how
 it should work <Sparks> dgilmore: I'm not far off... <Sparks> dgilmore: So
 Publican will make an SRPM package, submit it to koji destined for a repo.
 Our Publican backend will install those packages and publish the data to
 the website. <Sparks> I understand it <dgilmore> Sparks: so we would
 need to set up seperate tags and tagets for it, defining a koji policy
 allowing srpms to be built. likely we would add a new group to koji and
 add people allowed to build docs to it and limit access to the
 tags/targets to people in that group <dgilmore> Sparks: so its all doable
 <Sparks> dgilmore: Well that's a lot easier. :) <Sparks> dgilmore: We
 already have a group in FAS for people that should have access (docs-
 publishers). Should I open a ticket? <dgilmore> Sparks: koji doesnt know
 anything about fas <dgilmore> Sparks: please file a ticket. We wont be
 able to make changes until after f17 is done <Sparks> dgilmore: That's
 fine. We're not completely ready for the transition so after F17 would be
 good. <Sparks> dgilmore: Thanks!

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