Re: [Bug 752059] MajorMod: Manually Upgrading the Kernel: Update for GRUB 2

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Hi Chris:

If this is, as it seems to be, an offer to help out by replacing
outdated documentation, then yes please! The easiest way is probably
to write and revise it on the wiki, then post a URL as a comment on
the bug.

But first... maybe wait a day or two to see if anybody else is already
working on it. I just checked the latest version in git, and the
relevant section appears to be unchanged, but the System
Administrator's Guide is frequently updated, so you never know.

Welcome to fedora-docs!


On 04/23/2012 01:25 AM, Chris Murphy wrote:
> Hi,
> First post to this list. I've offered various observations on
> devel@ and Fedora Forums on: general boot behavior, with emphasis
> on making dual and triple booting work on Macs; issues surrounding
> MBR and GPT partitioning schemes; and the lunatic asylum of (U)EFI,
> CSM-BIOS and BIOS mode booting of hardware.
> I see the bug is assigned, but no activity since Nov 2011. If
> agreeable, I can take on an edit for F16 which would also carry
> over to F17. The fix is very straightforward. As described in the
> bug, primarily it's removal of the bulk of existing text, because
> the current text is almost entirely obsoleted by GRUB2. And then
> documenting the proper command for the included GRUB2 script that
> causes the regeneration of a new grub.cfg. I'd expect the section
> to be cut in size and complexity by 80%, accounting for a mention
> of perhaps three optional custom configurations that admins may
> find useful. And probably also include some note to the effect that
> direct editing of the grub.cfg is not recommended by upstream,
> therefore advanced users who do edit the file are advised grub.cfg
> can be overwritten without notice, and are better off making their
> custom inclusions in the proper /etc/grub.d files, and then
> executing the regeneration script.
> Basically, start simple and general purpose, and then get to a few
> specific examples. And leave the rest to upstream documentation.
> A bit more complicated right now is bug 750108. It might be best to
> remove the current material, and reference Anaconda's option to
> configure this at install time as the absolute easiest way to deal
> with it. And reference upstream's documentation until someone gets
> around to writing a reasonable step by step for doing it
> post-install. Better than than obsolete material that won't work.
> Chris Murphy
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