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Hi Valentin,

On Wed, 7 Sep 2011 11:56:13 +0300
"Valentin Laskov" <laskov@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

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> Sent: Monday, September 05, 2011 2:04 AM
> Subject: Two questions for Fedora translators
> | Hi Fedora translators!
> |
> | Could you guys please confirm that the following language mapping list
> | for the Fedora docs includes correct language and region codes?
> |
> | lang_map = aln:aln-AL, ar:ar-SA, as:as-IN, bal:bal-PK, bg:bg-BG,
> bg:bg-BG is OK

Thanks for the info.
> | On another note, I was wondering what is Fedora translators' opinion on
> | not publishing docs translations that are below a certain threshold level,
> | say 15% or 25%?
> It could be 50%  I think, but it is good for translators can see what it looks like their own work with a smaller % too.

Right, you can surely build your translated document locally with
Publican. First, clone the appropriate Git repo, and then run the following
command in document's root directory:

$ publican build --langs=bg-BG --formats=html-desktop

> | I know that translators can publish their translated documents themselves,
> | if they want to and have been added to the right permission group,
> | anyway. I'm however not sure how many people in the Fedora translation teams
> | actually do this.
> For the first time I hear for this :) . I read somewhere that after translation I must file a bug report against translated section.

Hrmm, contacting the guide owner or the docs team directly is probably less
of a burden. ;-)

> Is it possible for docs to work like websites? An hour or two after uploading .po file (or translating online) in 
> changes appears in the fedoraproject site.

FWIW, documentation on works like this. I'm afraid this is
not currently possible with our toolchain.

Petr Kovar
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