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I've heard about the update and good news for Security Guide from Eric:-)
Now one more guide I like to know, which is Virtualization Guide.

This guide has got good attention from more than one Japanese 
translators, and I am guessing that this guide might be one of most 
wanted document from readers. This guide was released for F12 and F13, 
but it has not updated since then. There is no Virtualization Guide for 
F14 or F15.
What is the plan for F16?


I'm cc'ing in Christopher Curran, the guide's original author, and Scott Radvan, the guide maintainer - hi guys!

If the content of the Virtualization Guide is up to date and relevant for F16, then I'm happy to branch the guide and make it available to translators for F16. I know very little about virtualization, so if a more knowledgeable person could check it and give me the all-clear then I can do that.

However, I'm guessing that at least some of the content is out of date, and we prefer not to publish outdated documentation - having instructions that turn out to be wrong is even more annoying for the user than having no documentation at all!

If the content is out of date, do we have any virtualization experts out there (or any non-experts who want to learn!) who'd be willing to update it against F16 alpha?

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