Re: Introduction and plans on documenting systemd

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At Monday, July 25, 2011 08:25 AM John J. McDonough <wb8rcr@xxxxxxxx> said:

> Chris
> Very cool, and welcome.
> We could really use some help in documenting systemd.  That is one of
> the larger recent innovations, and we have precious little written about
> it.
> I think you will find Docbook/Publican really isn't much of a barrier,
> and if you capture the plain text in emacs you are well on the way.  An
> alternative would be to capture your text on the wiki.  That way it
> would be easy to share and have others review.  We have wiki to DocBook
> conversion tools, but frankly, conversion from plain text is probably
> easier, but it is a little harder to share.

Over at kde-docs-english we have our own little slice of SVN for 
colloborative editing.  I find that to be a lot easier to work with than 
wikis.  Perhaps we could set up a fedorahosted/fedorapeople git repo for 
this (or colloborative editing in general)?

> Stop by the IRC channel if you get a chance and say hi.  I would say
> come to our weekly IRC meetings, but we are changing the time and I'm
> not sure exactly where we are in that process.  We have been meeting
> Wednesday at 2300Z, but we are moving that to a time a little more
> appealing to Europeans; I'm just not sure when we are making the move.
> Again, welcome.
> --McD

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