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On Jul 14, 2011 2:10 PM, "Petr Kovar" <pkovar@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all,
> > From: "Eric Christensen" <eric@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> (...)
> > * Copyright changes for all guides (Sparks, 23:43:48)
> > * LINK:
> >
> > (Sparks, 23:44:04)
> > * ACTION: Sparks to file a bug to continue the discussion on whether
> > or not the copyright holder can come from a Publican brand (Sparks,
> > 23:51:54)
> As a follow-up to the copyright discussion we had during the IRC meeting:
> my point was that some [previous] authors of Fedora docs were not necessarily
> Fedora Contributors at time of authorship (like e.g. Eric Foster-Johnson
> who wrote the original RPM Guide, AFAIK).

IIRC, if the original work is licensed so we can make a derivative work, like we have in the case of the RPM Guide, the person making the derivative owns the copyright for their work and provides attribution back to the source.

> Maybe adding "and others" at the end of the copyright notice would solve the
> problem in such cases?
> This leads us to another question: How do we define a Fedora Contributor? As
> someone who has signed up for a Fedora Account, or someone who has submitted
> a patch, content and/or other form of contribution to Fedora Project but has
> not necessarily signed up for an account, or... ?

To be a member of the Docs Project, and by extension have commit access, you must have signed the contributor agreement and be contributing your work to the Deepest repositories which makes you a contributor.

> Yes, these are multiple questions actually. :-)
> I agree that it's best to consult a lawyer (again) on this matter.

Definitely need Spot or Fontana or... to take a look at this.


> Cheers,
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