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You will probably recognize some of these from the previous message
"What went wrong?  What went right?" I sent to the list.  These are
items that we wanted to fix within 60 days.  Sixty days is August 13th
(a Thursday) so please provide input on these and if you'd like to help
with something please speak up!


Voted for these goals in order of decreasing priority:

Better communication and interaction with other teams and program
* Docs Leader should attend/audit/log/read other project meetings 
	* L10n 
	* Design 
	* Websites 
* Appoint liasions to other sub-projects rather than overloading DPL
with meetings 
* Release schedule needs to include items for announcements to other
* Docs Project sit down (virtually) with poelcat and grok the schedule
and release process

docs.fp.o site sucks (Mo knows)
* Zikula 
	* Zikula IS *THE* SOLUTION. 
	* Track record 
	* Participation by their upstream in Fedora == BIG + 
	* Package all the pieces. 
	* Train the people 
	* Migrate all the EOL guides/docs into it. 
	* Tagging/categorization of documents by Lang, Release, Format (,
subject matter?) 
	* Eight modules remaining to be packaged (no review BZs yet) 
	* Pervasive bundling of libraries 
	* Need to package some PHP libraries to make this happen 
	* SHA-256 library 
	* Puppetization of configs has started, but is incomplete 
	* Infrastructure is blocking on modules/packaging 
	* Zikula will help with infrastructure testing/tuning

Need guide for wiki and DocBook markup
* Clean up Help:Editing 
* Move many Docs wiki pages to Archive: and start over! 
* Create a getting "started guide" that tells you the what and how and
provide links to short howtos 
* Two docs: 
	* Quick Start Guide on the wiki 
	* Documentation Guide in formal repo

Release Notes Issues
* We need a more rigorous freeze on wiki release note beats
* RN documents are not all in one place (about-fedora, readme's, etc.)
* Two documents... one for "normal users" and one for "advanced users". 
* Normal users = front-end features -- Created by Mktg & Docs 
* Links to the RN section (Advanced users) for those that want to know
* Advanced users = back-end features + front-end features -- Created by
* Schedule 
* Marketing completion of talking points/tour 
* Tour should provide a link to upgrade page * Docs editing content 
* Has to be ported to the appropriate container (Zikula, website...,
tupperware(TM), ziplock(R) bag?) 
* Screen shots have to be done 
* Translated

We don't know anything about visit statistics for docs.fp.o

Release notes are ill-defined

One target for bugs, consistent pointers across Publican, wiki, docs
website, etc.

Need to understand release schedule and what is implied by freezes,
trans, etc
* Note each line item/milestone on the wiki and explain what are the
action items to complete it

Getting RPMs pushed - going through f13 takes as much time as building
the rpm

Need to have process and deal with old/orphaned/rogue wiki documents
* (

Improve understanding and communication with L10n

No good documentation on moving things from wiki to DocBook/Publican

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