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On Mon, Jun 01, 2009 at 12:00:50PM -0400, Eric Christensen wrote:
> I'd like to hear some thoughts on a project to document where all
> Fedora's source is located and how someone could obtain it.  The
> thought is that while we make all of our source freely available to
> anyone I don't think we are doing a good job of letting people know
> where they can find it.  While we might be meeting the letter of the
> rules I think we can do better.
> This would include ALL source: software, docs, art, etc.
> Thoughts?

There is information on this scattered widely around the wiki but
there's no doubt it's hard to find if you're approaching the question
from the standpoint of "How do I get source?" without knowing what
source, or why.

And by saying that, I am absolutely *not* saying that's a bad way to
ask the question!  In fact, I think the *idea* of getting the source
is just so powerful that we should make it drop-dead simple even for
people who have no idea exactly why they want it.  That idea, when you
combine it with the collaborative power of the community, is what
powers this entire project and indeed all of FOSS.

Paul W. Frields                      
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