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John Poelstra <poelstra <at>> writes:
> Did you have any comments on the tasks prior to Beta?  I'd like to get 
> those right too so that building F11 is on auto-pilot :)

Coming from a developer / beat writer standpoint here: One thing which should 
be clearer is when exactly the beats stop targeting Fn release note errata and 
start targeting Fn+1 (currently n=9). Because we want to make sure our changes 
for Fn+1 end up in the Fn+1 release notes, but we don't want them in the Fn 
release note errata! And if the point where we're targeting F10 already 
happened, then can the wiki please be fixed not to refer to F9 all over the 
Docs/Beats front page? This is something I already complained about in the F9 

Another thing I wonder is: are the one-page release notes for the alpha and 
beta releases really a good idea? Because the thing is, they're intended to 
save us work so we can get the first release notes done more quickly, but in 
practice they're actually extra work, because we have to write everything 
twice, once in a short form for the one-page notes and once in a detailed form 
in the beats. For some features (like KDE 4.0 was in F9), there's also no way 
to fit in all the important stuff into the one page (or else more than half of 
it would have been KDE stuff ;-) ). I'd rather have just written the full beats 
right away (but couldn't because they were still targeting F8 errata, and they 
wouldn't have been used anyway).

        Kevin Kofler

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